Tayal Porcelain

33 KV 250 Amp Outdoor Bushing

The 33 KV 250 Amp Outdoor Bushings, which we supply, are built to last long. We have different payment options to choose from as per the convenience of the clients. In the type of operation processed online, the procedure depends on the gateway or processor model; both of them ensure complete security. Renowned for our outstanding patron care support, we have become a distinguished supplier of 33 KV 250 Amp Outdoor Bushing in the market.



Standard Particulars

Drawing No. TP-HV-3601
Transformer Rating KV / Amp 36 /250
Visible Discharge Voltage KV 27
Dimensions Dia Dia A mm 150
Dia B mm 150
Dia C mm 155
Dia D mm 155
Dia E Max. mm 111
Dia F Min. mm 32
Dia G Max. mm 74
Dia S mm 15
      T mm 22
Power frequency withstand voltage Wet & Dry KV 75
Impulse withstand KVp 170
Net Weight (approx.) kg 8.0
Specification as per IS:3347